Thursday, January 3, 2013

My new obsession: The Vegan Conscious Box

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I wanted to take a little time to talk about one of my favorite things right now: The Vegan Conscious Box, a monthly box subscription filled with vegan goodies!

I first heard about this box from The Vegan Zombie (my favorite YouTube channel :D). So far I have received 4 boxes and I have not been let down yet. I love getting all excited waiting for my box to arrive and see the mystery objects that awaits!

The Conscious Box is a great way to discover vegan products in an affordable way. There's so many vegan companies out there that I was not aware of so getting to try them out before deciding whether or not I would be willing to purchase from them is great!

My favorite findings so far has been:

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I could not believe they included this in the box! I love using my mason jars for green smoothies on the go and this little thing just makes sipping so much easier. The Cuppow is a must for any mason jar lover

Inside the box came a little 100 calorie treat. I was excited to try it out since I LOVE both chocolate and coconut. It was AMAZING! I wished it was a full sized bar, but no worries I found these guys at my local grocery store. Let's just sat I'm hooked.

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The box not only includes vegan samples but also coupons. I got a $10.00 gift cars to Au Naturale, a cosmetic line that I had not heard about. I checked out their website and fell in love with their lipstick in Spanish Rose. I really like how smooth the application is and the color is just lovely. I will definitely be buying more from them.

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Last but not least are Lush Gourmet Foods nuts in dark cocoa chili. OMG it was like heaven in my mouth. The amazing combination of salty, nutty, chocolaty and spicy was out of this world! I wish I had a bag of it now ;)

Those are just a few of the amazing products inside The Vegan Conscious Box. This box is an amazing way for vegans (and non-vegans as well) to get to know and try vegan-friendly companies.


  1. ah! how fun! i wish we could get this in canada!

    1. Aww im sorry you are not able to get it! You should check